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Aluminum Manual ISO13485 Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair
Aluminum Manual ISO13485 Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair

Aluminum Manual ISO13485 Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair

Place of Origin Changshu Jiangsu
Brand Name Pingfang
Certification CE ISO13485
Model Number A11
Product Details
Stair Stretcher
Aluminum Alloy
Max Capacity:
160KG / 352.74lbs
Stair Depth:
Conventional Staircases
Climbing Floor:
Net Weight:
29KG / 63.93lbs
Product Description

Aluminum Manual Basketball Sport Wheelchair for Handicapped Outdoor


Model PF001-LQ


Basketball wheelchair must conform to the parameters and rules

1, the thickness of the cushion shall not exceed 10 cm; 3.5 points, 4 points, 4.5 points of the athletes, its cushion thickness should not exceed 5 cm. No board or hard material should be attached to the seat. Cushions should be of uniform thickness and can be folded diagonally.

2. The highest point in front of the wheelchair footrest should not be more than 11cm away from the ground.

3, in order to protect the ground, you can install a rolling shaft under the footer.

4. The height of the support poles on both sides of the wheelchair seat should not exceed 53cm from the ground (the vertical distance between the seat surface and the ground).

5. The wheelchair should have four wheels -- two larger on the back and two smaller on the front. The big wheels, including the tires, have a maximum diameter of 66 centimeters (26 inches).

6. There must be one hand rim on each wheel.

7. Protection against damage to the playing field must be installed under the foot of the wheelchair.

8. Power units, brakes and gears are not allowed to be installed on the wheelchair.

9. Black tires are not allowed.

10. The armrest and other upper body support devices on the wheelchair shall not exceed the length of the athlete's legs and torso when seated in the wheelchair.



Model Number PF001-LQ
Material High Strength Aluminium Alloy
Size (Seat width, Seat height .......) Customize within the rules
Color Customize within the rules


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Photos of the competition

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Wheelchair Basketball Personnel Classification

Athletes with disabilities who meet the classification requirements issued by the international wheelchair basketball federation athletes classification board are eligible to compete.

The athletes' medical scores are: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5. Among them, 1 and 1.5 points belong to the players with low sports function and severe disability; 3.5 points, 4 points and 4.5 points belong to the high score players with strong sports function and less disability.

During the course of the game, any team at any time, The total number of medical grades of players on the field should not exceed 14 points. Otherwise, the coach will be judged a technical foul, and immediately correct.

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