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Grey Solid Tyre 160rpm CE 150W Wheelchair Brushless Motor
  • Grey Solid Tyre 160rpm CE 150W Wheelchair Brushless Motor
  • Grey Solid Tyre 160rpm CE 150W Wheelchair Brushless Motor
  • Grey Solid Tyre 160rpm CE 150W Wheelchair Brushless Motor
  • Grey Solid Tyre 160rpm CE 150W Wheelchair Brushless Motor

Grey Solid Tyre 160rpm CE 150W Wheelchair Brushless Motor

Place of Origin Changshu, Jiangsu
Brand Name Pingfang
Certification CE
Model Number BM08
Product Details
Brushless Motor
Permanent Magnet
Output Speed (rpm):
160 Rpm
7 N.m
Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight:
3.5kg / 7.7lbs
Electric Wheelchair
High Light: 

CE Wheelchair Brushless Motor


CE Grey Solid Wheelchair Tyre


160rpm Wheelchair Brushless Motor

Product Description

 Disable Electric Wheelchair Brushless Motor with Grey Solid Tyre 


Brushless DC motor is composed of motor body and driver, which is a typical mechatronics product.The stator windings of the motor are mostly made of three - phase symmetric star connection, which is very similar to three - phase asynchronous motor.A magnetized permanent magnet is attached to the rotor of the motor. In order to detect the polarity of the rotor, a position sensor is installed in the motor.



The driver is composed of power electronic devices and integrated circuits, etc. Its functions are: to accept the start, stop and brake signals of the motor to control the start, stop and brake of the motor;It receives position sensor signals and positive and negative rotation signals, which are used to control on and off of each power tube of the inverter bridge and generate continuous torque.Accept speed instruction and speed feedback signal, used to control and adjust the speed;Provide protection, display, and so on.

The product specifications you cared most                                                                     

Type Brushless Motor Size 8"
VDC 24V Power 150W
Construction Permanent Magnet Output Speed (rpm) 160 rpm
Torque 7 N.m Material Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight 3.5kg / 7.7lbs Apply Electric Wheelchair

*Error and uncertainty in measurement

1. It can replace dc motor speed regulation, frequency converter + frequency converter motor speed regulation, asynchronous motor + reducer speed regulation;
2. It has the advantages of traditional DC motor, and cancels the carbon brush and slip-ring structure;
3. It can run at low speed and high power, which can save the large load driven directly by the reducer;
4. Small volume, light weight and large output;
5. Excellent torque characteristics, good torque performance at medium and low speeds, large starting torque and small starting current;
6. Stepless speed regulation with wide speed range and strong overload capacity;
7, soft start and soft stop, good braking characteristics, can save the original mechanical braking or electromagnetic braking device;
8, high efficiency, the motor itself has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminate the multi-stage deceleration loss, comprehensive power saving rate can reach 20%~60%.
9. High reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance;
10, shock resistance, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, long life;
11. No spark, especially suitable for explosive place, explosion-proof type;


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